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Mrs. Montreuil’s Little Boy – The Life of Peter

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Well, President Pinocchio managed to keep my last column off CBC/CNN via yet another erratic outburst, this time, once again, with racist overtones. There were people at that meeting who didn’t hear anything, then a couple of days later maintained that they didn’t hear anything, but he definitely didn’t say THAT! (You see, if one seeks to replace Frederick Douglass as an ambassador, some toeing of the party line is required.) After all the kerfluffle, people are now saying that he didn’t say “sh**hole”, he said “sh**house”. Gee, thanks for clearing that up for the world! That makes it all better. It’s like “the Blue Meanies” have won. Now I could have written my own diatribe in response but decided to write the following, instead.

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Jaimie as King George

This week Canada Post released a series of Original Series ‘Star Trek’ postage stamps featuring Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones and Scotty. Kirk, of course, was played by the human punchline and proudly Canadian William Shatner and his enemy in real life James Doohan, also Canadian, was Scotty.

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vernon_1997At least once a week I get an excited phone call from my pal Rob Tyler – one-half of comedy/music duo Two For The Show – whose enthusiasm for everything is infectious. So much so that he always wants to share it. He loved my Encyclopedias so much he introduced me to the brain-trust at Long & McQuade Musical instruments and got me a distribution deal nationally with the company. My daughter showed an interest in recording a solo song – he offered his studio and production skills to see it through. I’m grateful he accommodated her. His biggest cheerleading is for his kids – a prouder Dad you would never meet.

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