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Segarini: The Sunday Night Struggle, A Story, and a Song

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , , , on April 2, 2012 by segarini

Why, my friends ask me, is your Monday column always late? Every other day of the week, I manage to get these things up and running in the wee hours of the morning, so when you get up, it’s there to read while you enjoy a Pop Tart, cold piece of last night’s pizza or your usual Breakfast Beer. The reason for this is the promptness and professionalism of my fellow writers. They are on time without fail, and having written their blog and in most cases, supplied the pictures that accompany their articles, leave me with little to do except format the piece, do a bit of proof reading, insert the pictures, write the tags, and hit the ‘Publish’ button on the WordPress ‘Post New’ page. So, I repeat, why is my Monday column always late?

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