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Bob Yodels Up the Canyon – An Interlude

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Due to an obligation and a deadline I could not change, Part Two of Bob Yodels Up the Canyon will run on Friday. Today, in its place, is an Interlude …a slice of Life in the Canyon back in the ’60s, which has been published before, but hey, I coulda just not said anything and left the page blank but I’m not that kind of guy and I really am swamped and my cheque still hasn’t come, and the World Series on going to be on Fox, so there goes Bob’s Burgers, and we still don’t know if we’re going to get a grocery store across the street, and the lobby downstairs is crammed with voters, and it’s really dry in here and my skin is starting to itch …and where the hell is my cheque!? …Jebus! – The following was Originally Posted on August 24th 2012

Everybody loves California.


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Segarini – Bob Yodels Up the Canyon Part One

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Portions of the following have been previously published in DBAWIS

Prior to 1967, I had been spending as much time as I could in L.A. (Hollywood County, to be specific), first with The Us, playing Cinnamon Cinders clubs in SoCal, and places like The London Fog on Sunset, then in search of the almighty record deal for my next band, The Family Tree …acquiring 2 (Mira, then RCA) while spending the better part of 1965 and ’66 sleeping on friends couches and floors, and even had a room at Suzie Hocum’s place for a time, down the hall from her other house guest, Gram Parsons. Great times then, with the music scene exploding on Sunset, and Laurel Canyon becoming the Centre of the Universe.

It was all in the service of my band at the time, The Family Tree, who had been the house band at the Whisky …but that was all about to change ….

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Roxanne Tellier – Who’s Sorry Now?

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Is it just me, or does it seem like every week – every day, even – of 2015 to date has been rife with some new horror, political revelation, or  scandal involving everyone from the guy on the street to a British royal?

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Segarini: Kim Fowley Part Two – The King of Hollyweird

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Bob 2015

Part One “A Hick in Hollywood” Can be found here.

America has always had a place in its fickle little heart for novelty songs.

Songs like (I’m) Henry the Eighth (I am) , Who Let the Dogs Out, and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer are just a few you may be aware of, However, novelty songs go back a lot further than those three.

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Segarini: Kim Fowley Part One – A Hick in Hollywood

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Bob at 16

All the world loves an Oddball. The history of Pop Culture is full of creative iconoclasts and nutcases, drama queens and bad boys, deviant dilettantes and dangerous dreamers. Taken at face value, they more often than not get a chuckle and derogatory and sarcastic evaluation from most of us, and then end up affording us the pleasure of unique viewpoints and out-of-step entertainments that not only catch our attention, but alter both the creators and consumers of popular diversions.

On January 15th, 2015, we lost one of the last, great, madmen of music. A boy in a man suit that was such a freak, even Frank Zappa didn’t want him in the Mothers of Invention.

…but he performed on the Freak Out album anyway.

What the Freak wants, the Freak gets.


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