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Roxanne Tellier – May Day! May Day!

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It’s May the first – a day when most of the northern hemisphere officially decides, “that’s it. Done with winter. Bring on the sun and the fun!”

I’ve always thought that May 1st would be a better start to the year then January 1st. No one feels much like kick-starting more than the snow blower in winter. May, on the other hand, is when you can shed the many layers you’ve bundled yourself into over the darkest months, like a snake sloughing off its outgrown skin.

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Segarini: Labour Day…Friend or Foe?

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Hi there…

Bob at the BeachJust a short note to let you know that My column, Jamie’s column, Roxanne’s column, and Gary Pig Gold’s column will all be up after the long weekend. The weekend is one reason for this, (I am going out of town, a rare opportunity for me), and the air conditioner in the room I work in died last week and refuses to come back from the dead. Even with a fan going it is 110 degrees in here and it becomes difficult to breathe. Thank you southern facing glass wall!

At any rate…I’m sure the rest of you are busy too, so…a short hiatus will do us all some good. Everyone have a great and safe weekend, don’t forget to hug your loved ones, and get to the liquor and beer store tomorrow so you don’t freak out on Sunday and Monday, and maybe even Tuesday..

…and the cronuts didn’t make anybody sick. Don’t blame the cronuts. The cronuts are INNOCENT.


DBAWIS August 31st 2013

Labour Day

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