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Darrell Vickers – Ted Zeigler Part 6: On a Winger and a Prayer

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Time waits for no man but it can make your colors more vibrant and your whites even white-ier. Sorry, that’s Tide. I always get those two mixed up. Forget I ever said anything.

A New Beginning:

While our rubber-faced future manager was scattering the unfunny ashes of the Sonny and Cher reunion show over the gritty-to-the-taste waters of the Ganges, Murray had a drastically different, more revolutionary idea about where his glimmering future lay. No longer would he be beholden to “The Man” for his thin, sugar-free slice of the pie. Langston Enterprises would forge its own resplendent destiny and create a veritable Marie Callender’s of fruit-filled crusts for him to feast upon. 

Thusly, our fiscally astute funnyman decided to pour the entirety of his hard, TV-earned cash into a comedy club – a business venture that traditionally has the lifespan of listing fairground goldfish.

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Segarini – Petty Differences

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It was sometime during the Spring of 1977. I was in New York (for God knows why) and my friend Ritchie swung by the Chelsea and Bobnapped me in his TransAm, or Camaro, or whatever the fuck it was, and drove us across the George Washington Bridge into Soprano Country and the Wilds of New Jersey. This wasn’t the first time by a long shot. Once was to a Mansion he and his buddies ‘liberated’ while the owners were in the Hamptons, where he introduced me to Yes and ‘Roundabout’ on a GhettoBlaster set up on one of the numerous fireplace mantles, and another time, when he spirited me away to a high school in West Orange to hear some guy named Bruce Springsteen play a school dance in the Gymnasium. THIS time, we were on our way to a house party on the Jersey Shore, long before The Situation briefly lived in a broken condom….

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Roxanne Tellier – Hackers, Bobby Curtola, and TheMonkees

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Got an urgent email this morning, informing me that 427 million MySpace passwords had been stolen, and were being offered for sale on an online hacker forum by Russian CyberHackerPeace.’ I was shocked. People still use MySpace?

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones
Happy 2016, ev-ree-baw-daaaaay.
Woo! Howz everybody feel?
We’re all here to partaaaaaay!!

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vernon_1997As you read this I suspect that I am recovering from what would have been a rather eventful 17th anniversary with my wife. As an anniversary gift, we were invited out to see Lighthouse in Oshawa by the very charitable LightHouseSkip Prokop who has led the band since 1969 and is currently the subject of a biography I’m co-writing. As it turns out the current singer, Dan Clancy, has been an acquaintance of Sharon and I as well. He did double duty as a music teacher at Durham College and a judge at the school’s annual songwriting competition for which I volunteered as co-judge for half-a-dozen years as well. He’s also been on a number of recording sessions with artists that once graced my record label.

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Nadia Elkharadly: What happens in Vegas – a Music review

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Another friend gets married, another bachelor(ette) party gets planned, another trip to Vegas gets booked.  Yes folks, it really does keeps happening!  Last Tuesday, just as my column was posted, I was jetting off to sunny sin city yet again.  Another dear friend is getting married this summer and wanted that last hoorah, so heed the call I did.   I’m no Vegas virgin, this would be my fifth trip so I had a vague idea of what this was in store.  But Las Vegas still had a few surprises left for me.  And what was more unexpected was that one surprise in particular was musical in nature.

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Nadia Elkharadly: Viva Las Vegas – Adventures of a Non-Working girl at a Bachelor Party

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I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: my column from last week was submitted from good old Las Vegas Nevada. My dedication to you dear readers is so strong that I took time out from my vacation to write you that lovely piece. Why was I in Las Vegas, you ask? Well, DBAWISers, that is precisely what I am going to write about this week.

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