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Jaimie Vernon: Life’s A Canadian Rock – Part 5

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In February of 1979 my family up and moved a few miles east to the new Phase IV of Malvern at the north-eastern corner of Morningside and Sheppard Avenues. It was an unproven wilderness carved out of hectares of wooded farmland just west of the new Metro Toronto Zoo. At night you could hear the wolves howling from their habitat just across the banks of the Rouge River. Gord Giblin and I had spent many summers riding his Dad’s Suzuki 125 motorcycle up Morningside’s original namesake, Littles Road, to Finch Avenue to visit our school pal Wendall Dyke’s family farm or even farther still to retrieve golfballs from the edge of Morningside Golf Course on Steeles Avenue and race around the gravel pits on Reesor Road. Now it was paved and subdivided and was about to be invaded by throngs of urban dwellers.

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