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Segarini: 13 Albums You Should Have But Probably Don’t Redux

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If I didn’t know any better, I would say I am the victim of a Gypsy Curse.

Lately it seems that just walking down the hall has become an obstacle-laden course of Rube Goldberg slapstick and Orwellian conspiracy. Getting from Point A to Point B without slipping on a banana peel, having a piano fall on me, or tripping over my own two feet and landing in an Acme Wood Chipper has become totally impossible.

…and I’m not even chasing a road-runner.

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Pat Blythe – There’s something about Maria…..

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Several weeks ago I found out Maria Muldaur was performing at the venerable Hugh’s Room located in Toronto’s west end. I contacted Jane Harbury to see if it was possible to attend and photograph Maria (somehow I just can’t refer to her as Muldaur). It was a Richard Flohil event and through him I received permission.  (Thank you Jane and Richard).

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Pat Blythe: The Women of Rock – Part Five – The Final Bow

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There are so many women who have ventured into the business because of their love of music…. it is their passion, to release a part of their inner selves, to create, to tell their stories through singing, writing, playing and performing. They add colour and life, offering up themselves and baring their souls and their hearts. Without these amazing women, these risk-takers and gamblers, well….we the audience would be the poorer.

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Frank Gutch Jr: While Most of Us Talk, Some of Us Do— Grass-Tops Recording; Record Store Day Goodies; Media and Politics— The Hot Topics Are Nothing New; Plus Them Incredible, Edible Notes

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Don’t look now, kiddies, but in spite of all the mumblings and grumblings of a plethora of naysayers, the music industry is reinventing itself.  Not at the top, of course, where one (Universal) or two (are any others left?) keep eating the detritus remaining from the Great Music Holocaust of the late-90s and early-2000s.  Rather than change the model, executives at the various major labels would rather go down with the ship, hopefully while clutching that pot of gold in the form of those golden parachutes being handed out by corporations which claim to lose money but which seem to be able to find millions enough to buy out contracts of those leaving the fold. (How do you spell bribery these days?)  They hang on, but not because they are competent.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – G is for Going In/Going To Wait

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CamTime once again for the annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame debate. Nominations are out for the class of 2014, and, for a couple of days, everyone is talking rock’n’roll. Speaking of which why the hell isn’t it called the “Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame”? Maybe that explains a lot. Until December 5th you can vote online for your five faves, and the public vote will be used (in a very, very small way) towards the final count.

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Doug Thompson headshotOK, this is as good a place as any to admit this – I’m probably as close to being a ‘hoarder’ as you can get without actually being featured on the TV show.  No, I don’t have piles of decades old newspapers and I can actually walk through my entire house without following a prescribed path through all the debris.  My so called ‘hoarding’ is specifically related to materials from my 40+ years in the radio/advertising/interviewing/television industries.

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Segarini: The Scattershot Scrapbook

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The Bobcast Bob May 6th 2013 CroppedEvery now and then, enough stuff piles up in my inbox to warrant a column of loose ends. Pictures and videos and tidbits of my life (and the lives of others) that get pushed aside to make way for other subjects that need my attention, but that I want to share with you at some point.

That point has been reached once again.

So, welcome to another edition of The Segarini Scrapbook….


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Segarini: 13 Albums You Should Have But Probably Don’t

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Bob Talk to me ManagerJaimie’s great column this week (125 Influential Albums) got me to thinking about the music that impacted on my life over the years. There are far too many to name-check, so I came up with the following, which is an updated column from 3 years ago when I was writing for the dearly departed FYIMusic. These albums not only engaged me when they were released, but continue to entertain and educate me now, decades later.

I’m not sure if these LPs are even available on CD or for download, but if they are, seek them out and have a listen. They are, without exception, the jumping off points for entire long lasting careers and even genre changing sub-streams of musical exploration. The long awaited conclusion of Segarini: Stockton, Daring-Do, and Cruisin’ the Miracle Mile runs tomorrow…finally.


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