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Segarini – My Life as an Indoor Cat Part Two; Surviving Woodrow Wilson and Commodore Robert Field Stockton

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Part One can be found here

There were two passions that drove me forward when I was young, and by ‘young’, I mean YOUNG.

Music…and reading.

Unfortunately, this was during a time when children were encouraged to leave the house and stay out of mom’s hair as often as possible.

Why stay in when there was a whole world out there to explore?

Mom needs to concentrate, cook, clean, chat on the party line, or drink vodka out of a coffee cup.

Junior and Sis might get hit by a car, abducted by Aliens, or eaten by Dinosaurs…but the laundry would be done, the roast would be in the oven, and Mario’s Evil Twin would perish in a freak accident on Days of Our Lives.

If the kids get in trouble, the cops will bring them home….

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Segarini: Stockton, Daring-Do, and Cruisin’ the Miracle Mile – Part Two: School Days Daring Do.

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bob-at-14 Stocktin CaliforniaWith or without the Rose Coloured Glasses of Nostalgia, growing up in Stockton, California in the ‘50s and ‘60s was a perfect storm of time and place. Sure, there was the Korean and Cold wars, the fear of nuclear annihilation, and Ethel Merman, but when your world revolves around your family, your friends, and your neighborhood, none of it penetrated through the warm, self-absorbed, cocoon of youth.

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