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Segarini: Love is in the Air…Also all over the Kitchen Floor

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Bob and amy 1977Yes, I know, it’s a Hallmark Holiday, created to sell greeting cards, flowers, and boxes of chocolate, but still, if it didn’t exist, many of us wouldn’t have sex at least one day a year.

Love, like the success and popularity of Drake, is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, tied up in a conundrum, and hidden somewhere in the back of the fridge. It is best expressed in song, unless you can afford diamonds, a trip to Tuscany or the South of France, or a pink Miata or Mercedes wrapped in a big bow and parked in the garage until your loved one discovers it when she goes out to get you a beer from your private beer fridge next to her washer and dryer.

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JAIMIE VERNON: There Are No Words…But There Is Music

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Promo Shot_Twilight Zone_thumbI’ve been wracking my brain for the last 48 hours wondering how I was going to make a suitable contribution to this blog without looking frivolous or uncaring about the reality of what happened in Boston this week. There are no words for the massive shock, sadness and anger that has engrossed us all; The killing of 20 children in Newtown left me feeling just as helpless and lost…as did 9/11 so long before it.

I don’t know that humans have developed a coping mechanism that allows us to naturally process tragedies on an apocalyptic scale. How do you survive and process a Tsunami? Earthquakes? Tornados? The people of pompeii.pgPompeii were the lucky ones – they died instantly; the people of the Nazi death camps, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Chernobyl and other unimaginable atrocities, not so much. And as empathetic beings we feel most outraged when confronted with the savagery of human error or human-on-human carnage. We cannot process this kind of trauma.

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