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Roxanne Tellier – Hope Springs Eternal

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For anything good to happen in your life, or indeed, in the world around you, you have to be open and willing to learn. You need to have hope, and the ability to trust. The greatest triumph of last week’s election is how Canadians came together to change what they could no longer tolerate. Our cynical apathy had to end, or the Canada we loved would be irreparably damaged.

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Geoff Pevere: The Issue of Loyalty

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The Godfather opened forty years ago this month. On the week that it did, I skipped school and bluffed my way into the restricted movie under age. That’s because my loyalty to movies was infinitely deeper than my loyalty to school.

Coursing through its epic depths, of course, is the very issue of loyalty; is Michael Corleone’s loyalty to his country – he’s a WWII vet – stronger than his loyalty to his family? Or to his fiancé? Later, when he acquires power, the question only becomes more complicated and acute; is his loyalty to preserving power greater than his loyalty to family? Is blood really thicker than power?

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