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Frank Gutch Jr: Quicksilver’s Gary Duncan: A Look Back; Hymn For Her: Video Premiere via Guitar World; Tom Mank & Sera Smolen: Swimming In the Dark

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FrankJr2Back in 2007, Pop Culture Press magazine asked me to conduct interviews for their Summer of Love Issue which featured the forty years which had passed since.  I interviewed Bob Segarini (The Family Tree), Peter Albin (Big Brother), Tracy Nelson (Mother Earth), Dehner Patten (KAK).  I also interviewed Gary Duncan, legendary guitarist for Quicksilver Messenger Service).  It was a dream come true.  Quicksilver had been my favorite of the San Francisco bands, the epitome of what I thought psychedelia was all about.  Gary was very gracious and forthcoming when we talked and the result was one of my personal favorite experiences in all of my writing.  So pour a cup of coffee or pop a cold one.  If you’re not among the biggest Quicksilver fans there are, you are about to learn more about Gary Duncan than you thought you would ever know.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Who’s Making Up the Rules, Marc Cohn at the Aladdin Theater in Portland Oregon, and Whatever the Hell Else I Want To Write About…..

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FrankJr2I’m tired.  I mention this at the outset because this inevitably is going to turn in to one of those stream-of-consciousness tirades in which logic does not play a part.  But I don’t care.  I need to get something off my chest and I don’t care if you stop reading right now, but the stench of what is wrong with the music business has me gasping for air and there is little oxygen available.  But before I start…..

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Frank Gutch Jr: RIP – Pocahontas Illinois Cloud (Plus a Retrospective of Maggi, Pierce & EJ and Hymn For Her), and That Elusive Research Turtles Release Becomes Imminent….

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Yesterday was rough.  What should have been a fantastic day, one heralding the release of the long-awaited Research TurtlesMankiller Pt. 2 EP, turned incredibly somber when I stumbled upon a post by Hymn For Her‘s Lucy Tight that Pokey had tripped off this mortal coil, and if that sounds a bit flippant, I assure you that it’s not.  Pokey was a dog, mind you, but not just any dog.  A very human dog.  Though I had only met him twice and only for short periods, we were friends.

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