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Darrell Vickers: As the World Turntables

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darrell-vickersThe Overview

Countless magical hours of mirth, tragedy and love that have been gifted to us by the miracle of the motion picture, yet these same cinematic divertissements have also given birth to a staggering amount of griping and controversy.  People have been caviling and kvetching in equal measure about the inappropriate depictions of violence, sex and ugly people kissing since the days of Fairbanks and Keaton.  And those very same bastions of moral rectitude and fiery condemnation become more and more convinced, with each passing annum, that the already horrifyingly low standards of propriety on the silver screen continue to spiral ever downwards.  Until the other day, I was proudly Not among their number but…

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vernon_19972There hasn’t been much new music to trumpet since the end of 2012, but the music’s starting to filter in slowly so today I’ve got four releases worth talking about.

One of the side benefits of having been behind the scenes in the music business for the last 28 years has been in watching artists and bands blossom in real time. I started Bullseye Records in 1985 and in 1986 I put the word out for acts to start sending me demos. I wasn’t sure who I would find – or even if I could ever sign them – but I wanted to see what the landscape was like…in both sizing up the competition where my own music pursuits were concerned and to see what direction music was heading overall.

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