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Segarini: Frazier’s Farewell, and Two Little Treats

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , , , , on June 25, 2012 by segarini

Before we get to today’s meat and potatoes, a little personal note. We have found a new place to live, (current landlord is getting a divorce and wants his house back), most of the money to facilitate the move, and I might have a shot at a radio gig soon. That said, I have one more pressing problem; I need some help this week packing for the move this coming weekend. If you are a beautiful, handy-around-the-house woman of any age with a strong back and a great sense of humour, email me at Also, men, boys, really smart raccoons, and robots from the future will be accepted as well. There will be beer, there will be some laughs, and, depending on my not-so-vast funds, either hot dogs or pizza. Seriously, anyone who knows how to pack a box and tape that sucker shut is welcome to email me. Just packing, no heavy lifting. Hope I hear from you. And now, our regularly scheduled column….

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