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Peter Pays Tribute to Frank – “The Soul of Encouragement”

Posted in Opinion, Review with tags , , , , , on May 3, 2018 by segarini

I never met Frank Gutch Jr. in person. I never communicated with him over the telephone or via Skype. Yet I still felt a great sense of loss when I learned of his passing.

His columns were always well written and informative, and he had a “nose for noise” which I frankly envied and admired. Note that his musical taste was not limited to one genre or era, either. “Where does he find all these great bands I’ve never heard of?” I would repeatedly ask myself as I read his latest column. One never “struggled” through a Frank Gutch Jr. column, by the way. A very talented writer, he caught your attention with his style, and kept it with his content.

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