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Frank Gutch Jr: Dumpster Diving For 45s, Ken Nordine….. Plus Notes To Die For

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FrankJr2I feel sorry for kids these days.  They do not know the pleasure of the 45 RPM record.  They do not understand the thrill of buying a hit and finding a song on the flip side that gets as much or more play time as the hit.  They do not know, in this day of pay-per-track that they should be getting two songs for the price of the one.  It’s the law.  Or should be.  I am sure that asshats at corporate chuckle every time us idiots order a song, knowing that they are shortchanging us.  Yep, we used to get two songs.  Like I said, it was the law.  Labels and distributors, though, write their own laws these days.  I know I’m a dinosaur, but anything less than two is a fuck you to us music junkies.  Well, fuck them.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Fish Don’t Know They’re Underwater… Music and Psychedelia 101

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FrankJr2So you think you know something about music, huh?  I thought I did too until I started writing this column and getting schooled by people not only more aware of psych than myself but more knowledgeable.  Why, some of my past columns spawned related columns (not mine) at least as long, disputing my claims.  Okay, not quite.  But almost.  Let us just say that, like many of us, the more I know, the less I know.

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Frank Gutch Jr: My Love Affair With the 45, Susan James (A Lady You Really Need To Hear), and Notes (The Door To the Music and Music News You May Be Missing)…..

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FrankJr2I look back on my life and understand why music has taken up most of my life, though few others do.  I am an anomaly to them– an outcast in a world of careers and families and politics and so many other things so more important and I can see that like Red Green and all of the excellent male role models on The Red Green Show, they accept me like I am, even if it’s not what they usually accept, and only if they have to.  They have had to, I suppose, for I am who I am and that is not said as pure statement but with the realization that over the years I have tried to change.

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Frank Gutch Jr: The Many Lives of the 45

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God, but I love 45s!  Out of all the formats invented by the musical gods, it is my favorite.  You can have all of your albums and your CDs and cassettes and, yes, even your eight-tracks.  All I ask in return is your 45s.  The Little Record With the Big Hole.  The Single.  AM Radio’s Friend.  The Rock ‘n’ Roll Pointer.  It is so cool, it freaks me out.  Actually, I should say “they” because over the years the format changed with the times— from the simple one track a side to the EP with three to five tracks (technically a 45 because it was recorded to play at 45 RPM most of the time) to the promo 45 (same track on both sides) to the mono/stereo promo 45 (same track on both sides— one in monaural and the other in stereo) to…. Man, I’m running out of wind here.  There’s more (colored vinyl, picture sleeves, etc.), but I’m anxious to get started because, like I said, this is my favorite format.  Bar none.

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