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Frank Gutch Jr: Notes From the Underground— What You Missed While You Were Focusing On the Stars…..

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FrankJr2But before we go there, I got quite the little wake-me-up this morning.  Just when I thought no one was paying attention, the Facebook page for the Big Star documentary (Big Star:  Nothing Can Hurt Me)  found and posted a column I had written (or reworked for DBAWIS, anyway) last year (click here).  It was basically a rundown of the Ardent Records story as told in an interview I conducted with Ardent head at-the-time John Fry and gives the background info you should have before viewing said documentary.  The best part of the interview was that it was conducted in 1975, not long after the label was gutted by the forced bankruptcy of its distributor, Stax Records.

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