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Segarini: My Mom 2015…and a CMW update with Rival Sons

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Rivals and Friends

The amount of things to see and do at CMW has become an overwhelming smorgasbord of choices and options that makes your head ache and your feet swell…and your liver angry.

Angry Liver.

I have one.

There is no getting around the fact that if just the music options were available over a period of a year instead of 10 days, you could see 3 bands a night, damn near every night, for 12 months.

Good luck seeing 1000+ bands in 10 days…and taking in the panels…and seminars…and award shows…and parties…and eating…and sleeping…and other stuff.

There should be a Depends booth in the hotel lobby….


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Segarini: My Mom

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Pop Mom and Me

My annual Mother’s Day Tribute to my Mom. I wish you all could have met her….

As most adopted children can tell you, one of the first things you remember being told is how you were chosen to be part of your adopted family, not a random act of passion borne to fruition by parents who sometimes weren’t really trying to make a baby. Any time this information was imparted on an adopted child, it was meant to soothe and/or dispel any doubts the child had of being loved or being perceived as an ‘outsider’.


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