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Segarini Looks At All the News in a Nutshell

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Bob on the Radio at CHUM FM 1

Let me save you the trouble of having to read Tweets, The FB Newsfeed, Your Local Paper, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and the Langley Falls Shopping News. I will also eliminate your having to sit through the Network News, TMZ, Etalk, Vinyl, Empire, and Keeping Up with The Kardashians, and The Sporting News and Sports Illustrated.

You’re welcome….

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Segarini Finally Reviews Batman v Superman (kinda) and Returns to (Ab)normal….

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super bob dbawis red

If you have ever noticed the cut-phrase in our masthead, you know that DBAWIS’s mission statement is this:

“Dissecting Pop Culture Since 2011. Great Music. Great Stories. Great Googa Mooga!”

From Stamp Collecting, to Politics, to the Importance of Hair, to all forms of entertainment…we cover the waterfront.

…and in case you have ever wondered where ‘Great Googa Mooga’ came from…it came from this….

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Segarini vs Batman v Superman Part 3 and a 1/2 – Your Homework for Monday’s Part 4.

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super bob dbawis blue

Life interrupts art as well as imitates it. …and my life has once again interrupted the art of blogging (if you can call it art).

Anyhoo…Monday looms, and here is your homework for the weekend. Complete it, and it will add to your enjoyment of Monday’s conclusion to the whole, long-winded, obsessive serial I have found myself trapped in.

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Segarini VS Batman V Superman Part 3 – The Post-Prelude Prelude to the Actual Review Part One

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super bob dbawis

I remember reading this: ” Due to his success with the Batman franchise Christopher Nolan was brought on to help develop the reboot of Superman along with screenwriter David S. Goyer. This was merely as a creative consultant, it was never intended for Nolan to direct. When Zack Snyder was later brought on as director, Nolan chose to hand all creative control over to Snyder and focus on The Dark Knight Rises (2012). According to Nolan’s wife/producer Emma Thomas, “They [Nolan and Goyer] brought it to an appropriate screenplay and it’s now Snyder’s picture.” and thinking to myself, There goes Man of Steel….

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Segarini vs Batman v Superman Part Two: The Nolaning

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Bob Glancy

If you haven’t read Part One of this overlong, rambling screed, may I suggest it would behoove you to read it before you dive into Part Two. Otherwise, you may become confused and accidentally watch an episode of Vinyl or Empire.

You can find Part One HERE…and yes…’behoove’ is a real word. Honestly. It is. Google it.

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Segarini vs Batman v Superman Part One

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37. Bob as Captain BS

To clarify…

Zack Snyder says, “…suffice it to say there is a ‘v’ in between their names” He explains that having the “v” instead of “vs.” is a way “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way.”

Really? It should have read “Batman v Superman Should Have Been a Great Fun Movie But Too Many of You Liked Nolan’s Batman Trilogy So We Got This Dark Dreary Trainwreck Instead”
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Segarini: Bring Out Your Dead Part Two – Solo No Mo – Death by Request and/or The Final Career Move

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Bob and Darth3

When you think about books, movies, and television whose stories and characters become franchises, one of the reasons for their continuing existence is the sound of a cash register ringing up sales and the effort itself attracting many eyeballs and return visits. What is strange is killing off a fictional character for no other reason than financial gain…or, in at least one case…a request from one person for no other reason than a personal desire to distance himself from the biggest reason he has a career….

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s Part 1 of Bring Out Your Dead


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Segarini – Bring Out Your Dead or Solo No Mo

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Bob Q107 1983

Facebook was a beautiful verdant meadow when I first signed up 8 or so years ago. A place where you could look for and find lost friends, renew relationships, reconnect with your old home town, meet new people, and be exposed to music and movies you either didn’t know about or had forgotten. I could hardly wait to go online and see what wonders awaited me…
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Segarini – 2015 -The Age of Idiocracy Part Two

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Bob LGM 1985 2

Nothing says more about a period of time than our entertainments and diversions. They reflect the culture and mindset embraced by the populace in broad and easily understood strokes for us to enjoy individually and in crowds. And to either take our minds off the events taking place in our lives, or to educate and inform us of those events.

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DBAWIS Sez, “Hello 2016. We’re keeping an eye on you…so watch yer ass….”

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DBAWIS Returns 2016

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