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A million years ago (okay, it was 32) I had an idea to start a music magazine to promote Canadian music. The idea didn’t come out of nowhere and there was a catalyst to light the fire. It started as a newsletter in 1989 to promote my rock band Moving Targetz. It was called the M.T. Head Express and was mailed to our fans monthly to let them know about gigs, recordings, and all our shenanigans as a rock band. My ex’s mother, Gail Benson (RIP), said to me one day, “You should expand your news letter to cover other Canadian bands, not just your own.” And, so I did. In early 1990, I launched a 24-page fanzine called Great White Noise Magazine. My ex and I bought a brand new PC with a dot matrix printer for $1320. I had to take out a loan at my credit union to do it. It would take me until 1993 to pay it off! Continue reading


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Vernon_Penny_LaneFor those barely following along at home on a weekly basis I thought it most imperative that you should know I was a founding member of the band Moving Targetz (1983 – 1991) which released several albums on our own vanity label Bullseye Records. The earlysuccess of the label was directly proportional to the amount of promo we did as a band. From August 1989 to June 1991 we issued a monthly newsletter to fans called M.T. Head (Ex)Press [20 years before Social Media]. This thrice-Shrapnel_FINALfolded, double-sided photocopied promo tool – printed surreptitiously in the administrative offices of my government day job – was eventually absorbed into a subsection of my full-length fanzine ‘Great White Noise’ in August 1990. Here is what I consider to be the editorial highlights of that modest little experiment in marketing during that first year.

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