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Segarini: Stuff on my Radar

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Bob hosting Late Great Movies 1985I have a very nice television. Two, actually. One in the living room, and one in the bedroom. Except for the 2012 Presidential election, the only time I have turned either one of them on has been for the Food Channel, which features my favourite kind of porn. Oddly enough, I watch more television than I ever have in my life.

I just don’t watch it on TV….


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“When you say ‘there is no good new music anymore’ – what you are really saying is ‘I don’t own a computer’.” – Modern Facebook Proverb

Of course, if you’re reading this page then you obviously do own a computer. So what’s your excuse? What is that inherent need to slink to the fallback position of “there’s no good music anymore”? Is it because your tastes have changed? Is it because the music has changed? Or is it because you’ve built a musical mausoleum around yourself where only Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Vaughn, and Lennon now reside? It isn’t that there’s no good music. It’s that you gave up. You stopped trying. You’ve become complacent in life or buried your head in the sand so that all the evils of adulthood can be ignored or blocked out.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Now I Remember What Music Used To Be…..

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I’m sitting here drinking my umpteenth cup of coffee and listening to music and thinking that soon a topic for a column will appear when, bam, it does, but I wonder if it will come to anything.  I have a hard disk full of starts and hiccups and links to information I thought for sure would be useful but which have collected cyber-dust since I found them.  I know it should be easier to come up with something to say and it used to be back when I would talk up a storm about all of the injustices the music business has foisted upon us, but there are times when ranting or even politely pointing out such things are places I do not want to go.  Not today.  Not right now.

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