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Frank Gutch Jr: If You Don’t Like To Read, Maybe You’re Reading The Wrong Stuff: Books On Music… Plus Notes

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FrankJr2I worked with a guy for four or five years who had never read a book after college.  He read, he just didn’t read books (which had me scratching my head until I developed a bald spot).  Books have always been part of my life.  As a child and even toddler, books were a never ending source of pleasure.  So how is it, I ask myself, that people hate to read?  And I think I have found the answer.  They haven’t found anything which, to them, is worth reading.  Books are like music in the forest for the trees idiom.  There are so damn many choices, one has no idea where to start.  Well, for people who love music, the obvious starting point is books about music (or would that be “are”?).  Like soul?  Find a book about soul music.  Love country?  There are tons of biographies of country artists, past and present, and even books about country’s musical past.  Blues?  The same.  Rock?  Too many to count.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – H is for Hardcovers

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CamWhen it comes to reading most of my books deal with music. I will read almost any music biography. Regular readers will know that “Diary Of A Rock’n’Roll Star” by Ian Hunter and Bob Greene’s great book about touring with Alice Cooper, “Billion Dollar Baby”, are both at the top of my list. Here are ten, mostly recent, rock’n’roll books that I have read this year.

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