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Frank Gutch Jr: In Anticipation of Moon Palace; The Space Opera Trilogy; and Notes and Nothing But the Notes…..

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The stars have finally aligned, sports fans!  You can delete my queries about Carrie Biell because I have found her after a ten year search.  I should say that my buddy at KEXP radio, Tom Smith, found her.  Well, maybe a friend of Tom’s.  Or a friend of Tom’s friend.  Ach!  It doesn’t matter.  The important thing that she is found.  The other important thing is that she is writing again and has already jumped back into the deep end of the musical pool.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Can’t You Smell That Smell; Meet Bob Blackburn (and Bob Blackburn); the Annual John Rocker Report; and Notes… It’s All About Baseball, Sports Fans

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Frank Gutch young

That’s right, sports fans, I smell baseball.  When I was a kid, sports were seasonal.  When the seasons changed, so did the sport.  It’s hard for me to relate to sports these days.  Football goes all the way into February.  God knows when basketball ends (seems like it goes on forever— in the Pros, at least).  And baseball ends about when the snow flies.  But it always begins in Spring and  it’s Spring now.  Almost.

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Segarini Rerun: Music or Nostalgia…Which is It? – Going Back to Find the Future. Sons, Bones, and Loops….

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Editor’s Note – Originally posted on January 21st 2015, this column bears repeating. Proud to say our track record is pretty good for sniffing out greatness in a sea of popular, financially successful mediocrity, but the continued confusion regarding the differences in worthiness and rose-coloured glasses steeped in nostalgia,  needs to be addressed. When it comes to Greatness, consider the majority of what you hear on terrestrial radio as nothing more than Alternative Fact.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Jim of Seattle and Jaimie Vernon: Sci-Fi to Retro at 20,000 Watts; Plus Notes You Should Take More Seriously

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Frank Gutch young

Goddamn Jim of Seattle…  I no sooner put last week’s column to bed and here he comes along with an album which has had me up nights and all weekend with “We are the Elders… We Are the Elders… We are the Elders…” running through my head on a constant loop.  I can’t stop it and it would drive me crazy if I didn’t love it so much.  See, ol’ Jim came up with this idea… well, maybe I should tell you about his last album because sure as shootin’ you either have not heard it or have forgotten.

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Cameron Carpenter – 10 CC – August 4, 2016

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Cam Indie Week

Columns are going to be few and far between for the next five or six weeks as my workload increases, a move on the home front is imminent, there seems to be BBQ’s and events every weekend and there are a lot of shows coming up. Better than not being busy. Music helps me get through the days and nights and here are several songs that I am currently enjoying.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Let’s Talk Notary Sojac; The Return of Highlight Bomb; Jeff Ellis (Plus Notes)

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Frank Gutch young

I was twenty-three, fresh out of the Army and full of frustration and cynicism.  I had spent the last one year, nine months, two days, four hours and thirty-five minutes in what I considered a military prison.  Before I was drafted, I was a radical, a hippie, an idealist.  Staunchly anti-war, I isolated myself from old friends and family.  I smoked dope, joined The Resistance and demonstrated on and off the University of Oregon campus.  When I got out of the Army and returned to Eugene, I learned that I hated everyone who displayed bumper stickers or posters which heralded “America— Love It Or Leave It” or “My Country, Right or Wrong” as if they were the Eleventh and Twelfth Commandments.  Those who upheld vocal groups like Up With People as true American music became my enemy.

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Cameron Carpenter – 10CC – Hip Hip Hooray

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Cam Profile Pic

Let’s celebrate. There is still hope. We get a chance to see them again and thank them for what they mean to the fabric of Canada. Recently we have had no warning and no chance to say thanks or goodbye, this time we do. My history with the band goes back a long way and I hope Johnny Fay, Gord Sinclair, Rob Baker, Paul Langlois and Gord Downie have a farewell tour that will go down in rock’n’roll history. Take your victory lap boys, you have earned it.  Tickets go on sale Friday June 3 and the dates are as follows:

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