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Merch table_Hamilton_Dave Rave_2002

I’ve written previously about the things that whining and impatient hipster millennials need to do to increase their cache and brand in the music business – particularly in this new Wild West music biz. I collected all that sage advice and sarcastic commentary in a new eBook called “How To Succeed In The Music Business With Zero Talent”.

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Roxanne Tellier: The Rainbow Connection

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january roxanneI love the synchronicity in all life, and in my life in particular. Each day, I wake to the new thoughts and ideas that are being generated by the people I have chosen to surround myself with. That I stay positive and cheerful is no accident – the family, friends, and acquaintances I spend time with have proven themselves to be the influences that shape how I perceive the world around me.

Since the majority of the people with whom I consort are creatives, you would think there would be more whining and gnashing of teeth over our lack of material goodies. But in fact, despite our relatively low contribution to the gross national product of wherever we’ve chosen to reside, our thoughts do not revolve around the latest gadget or tech goodie.

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Frank Gutch Jr: They Will Never Pass This Way Again— Musicians We Lost in 2013, Part One; Plus Notes…..

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FrankJr2The first time I think I even thought about death was when Hank Williams died back in 1952.  New Year’s Eve it was, but I only remember the headlines.  I was five years old and Hank was a regular part of my day.  Dad, the curator of the famous Gutch record collection, had only a few records at that time and Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door) was one of them.  I loved that song so much that I begged and begged Dad to play it every time he headed toward the record player and, usually, he obliged.  I remember Dad humming along in a grunting kind of way, almost as if the music was going to bust out of him at any moment, but it seldom did.  Dad was a lot like myself in that when the music was playing, singing along seemed a lack of respect.

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Promo Shot_Twilight Zone_thumbI’ve got a shitload of CDs to review sitting on my desk – Bob Menzies’ “One More Highway”, Goddo’s “The Pretty Bad Boys Return” (which is also a DVD), Half Past Four’s “Good Thing” and Klaatu’s “Sir Army Suit” re-issue (also with DVD). I have had no time to sit and listen to any of these with the attention and intent I always reserve for my reviews because of a million personal things going on right now – not the least of which is a day gig. To give the music a cursory listen would be an insult to the artists who put blood, sweat and cashola into seeing these things to fruition. Sometimes it takes years to get a disc off the ground. I owe the creators more than 5 minutes of listening to them.

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Emy Stantcheva: The Wrong Way

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EmyNadia says: Dear Friend and guest writer Emy Stantcheva explains by example the wrong wrong WRONG way for a band to approach someone in the music industry, in an effort to get their music out there.  Good advice delivered in Emy’s signature sassy way.

Let me preface this by saying that I am by no means someone who can make or break a band, I’ve just poked around in the Canadian music industry a fair bit. I studied it in school, and I’ve worked in it in one capacity or another since 2006. So I’m not a complete fucking moron.

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Nadia Elkharadly: The Why of it All

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Nadia LogoI’m not sure what it is about being a single, 30-something year old woman, but I’ve never felt more scrutinized in my life than I have been now.  My face, my weight, what I wear, what I do, and don’t even get me started on my romantic life (or lack thereof – that’s probably a column unto itself).  What I do, or, should I say, the many things I do, seems to be something of great interest to many people.  Moreso, the “why” of what I do seems to be of great interest to many people, in both negative and positive ways.

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Segarini: In Praise of Older Musicians Redux

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Originally posted April 16th, 2012 and Updated, December 18th, 2012. Thanks for your patience…Part 3 of Segarini: Stockton, Daring-Do, and Cruising the Miracle Mile, Living American Graffiti and Pacific Avenue, will be up (finally), this coming weekend. Nadia’s latest column will be up later this afternoon.


Bob FacebookLast April….

I had to drag my sorry ass down to the nearest RBC last night to deposit some money (collected from my roommates and I here at the DeMilo Arms) so that when Hydro Ontario sucks their tithe out of the account Monday morning, there’s actually enough in there to insure heat and light for the next little while. Not only heat and light, but how would I be able to use the blender to make banana daiquiris without their damn electricity? I really must teach the kitties to run on the little kitty treadmills to charge the generator so we can get off the grid…according to my calculations, we only need another 1411 kitties (and kitty treadmills) to be totally self-sufficient.

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