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Segarini – I Hear It’s My Birthday

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , on August 28, 2015 by segarini

R: 126 G: 255 B: 198 X:42164 Y: 0 S: 27 Z: 271 F: 368

I can’t thank you enough, Dear Readers. For your continued support, your visits to check out our wonderful writers (and Me) and for making my 69th year on this mudball a joy from start to finish (with a lot of Not Joy mixed in there, but that wasn’t your fault, so don’t worry about it). Today is the beginning of my 70th year, not as much fun as 69, but then, what is? My regular column will be up late next week, but this 2 parter is for you today and will conclude on Monday. most of┬áthis column is from my Facebook Timeline, but the biggest piece is brand new exclusive to this column. Now then, I have to get ready to go to my Birthday Party, so…without further ado….


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