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Nadia Elkharadly: My Birthday Wish List

Posted in Opinion with tags , , , , , , , , on November 15, 2011 by segarini

On November 14th at 2:35am (as my mother keeps reminding me), in 1980, just over yonder at Toronto’s St Joseph’s hospital, I made my first appearance into this world.  Yesterday was the 31st anniversary of that illustrious day.  The past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to treat myself to a vacation for my birthday.  Last year it was a week in Los Angeles, the year before it was Geneva.  But this year…I bought a condo.  So I’m going to spend my brainpower that would have been used for trip planning, for dreaming of the perfect birthday treats I wish I could get for myself.  Now this is NOT a list of things to get me, you can find that on my gift registry at the LCBO.

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