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Roxanne Tellier – If Aging is Inevitable …

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It really is unfortunate that Trump decided to pause his retirement to be a part time president.  He’s happier golfing, or lying in bed eating cheeseburgers, and I think we all would be delighted to see him go back to those pastimes full time.

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones

The world of Boomer pop culture continues to die off in epidemic proportions. It’s now officially becoming depressing. Aside from the shocking – and still reverberating – passing of Prince we’ve lost Canadian actor/singer Don Francks, actor James Carroll, beloved ‘The Flying Nun’ matriarch Madelaine Sherwood (also Canadian) and now the master of the original infomercial Philip Kives – the King of K-Tel – at the age of 87.

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Segarini: Mad Men, Elton Rohn, and Your Mail

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47. Bob 2015

Here’s a slightly edited rerun of one of the first columns I wrote here. This is from March of 2011. My regular column will run on Monday. Been a hell of a week…and PLEASE start commenting again in the “Reply” section down below. I would love to start printing your mail like we used to back in the day….

Like I mentioned last week, we signed up for the free month of Netflix and started trolling their content. Well, if you believe the haters out there, there wasn’t supposed to be anything here except episodes of TV shows nobody watched and movies like “Roller Disco Beach Party”, The President’s Neck is Missing”, and “Too Many Grandmas”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I got to sit through a perfect copy of “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”, totally thrilled with the awesomeness of the Hong Kong Cavaliers, a very young Jeff Goldblum (who is still playing himself in every movie he makes) and some of the greatest scene chewing ever done by the delightful John Lithgow. Also…who wouldn’t love a character named Perfect Tommy? Then I discovered that Netflix has the first three seasons of Mad Men…

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Roxanne Tellier – WannaNetflix and Chill?

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YAY! Season two of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt just got released on Netflix! That’s it! I’m set for … ummm .. 7 or 8 hours.13 episodes ..yumyumyum!

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OctoberPigPic I love Keith. You love Keith. We ALL love Keith Richards. In fact, very personally speaking, if it wasn’t for my first encountering the hallowed words “Chuck” and “Berry” on some extremely early Rolling Stones record, and then seeking out “No Particular Place To Go” in particular, I probably never would have ventured past the second fret up my own childhood guitar.

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones It was slice and dice time this past week at Corus Entertainment – a media conglomerate bloated with 3D printer versions of radio stations and formats that run the gamut:  talk radio, sports talk, business talk, knitting talk, pet talk, Hot A/C, Hot A/C light, Hot A/C dance, Hot A/C D/C, Adult, Slightly Adult, Slightly More Adult, Prematurely Adult, Classic Rock, Jurassic Rock, Pet Rock, New Rock, Modern Rock, Over The Hill Rock, and all fucking traffic all the fucking time.
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Valentine and VerminI work with a guy who is a monster Classic Rock fan – he has Zeppelin’s ZOSO symbols tattooed on his arm. He genuinely loves the music on Toronto’s Classic Rock leaders Q107-FM without judgment or cynicism (unlike little ole me). But he seems entirely clueless about anything related to the genre. Without a hint of irony he seemed taken aback to find out that “Let It Be” wasn’t just a Beatles or an album but also a MOVIE….or that Spinal Tap was made up of actors Truckinwhen I gave him a lift home from work last weekend. He was flabbergasted. It was like I just told him that Rosebud was a sled. [Oops…’Citizen Kane’ spoiler alert!]

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