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Pat Blythe – Airport hell, a grant gathering, CMW, Sam Taylor and a little Side Hustle

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Flying the friendly skies…..nope grounded…..

Where to start….where to start. Loads of stuff going on, musically and otherwise.  Let’s roll tape backwards. We’ll start with Air Canada’s GIANT, international debacle on Monday leaving  thousands of people not high, but dry, at Toronto Pearson International Airport (not to mention the thousands across the world). System down…..the entire system…..worldwide. Now, I don’t know all the details, precise timing and the tiny little intricacies but I do know this, I dropped my friends off at the airport, heading south for their pre-wedding honeymoon, and ten hours later I’m picking them up from the same airport, tired, explosively furious and drained.

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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones For a year now folks on Facebook have been asking me to write a book about my work in a number of cemeteries. The process has begun. Here for your reading pleasure is CHAPTER ONE….

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                                                                                 Doug Thompson headshot

The recent passing of Paul Revere of Paul Revere and Raiders is another in an extremely long line of musical celebrity deaths.  There have been much bigger names who died in the past few months – Joan Rivers and Robin Williams deaths reverberated around the globe – probably because they both brought so much laughter to the world.  I’m in the first wave of Baby Boomers, so Lauren Bacall’s death, though sad, didn’t resonate as much personally.  James Garner’s passing did.  I used to watch him faithfully every week on “Maverick” when I was growing up and later “The Rockford Files” was must-see TV for me.

But there are three deaths that occurred during the past couple of months that touched me in a way I hadn’t expected.

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vernon_1997As you read this I suspect that I am recovering from what would have been a rather eventful 17th anniversary with my wife. As an anniversary gift, we were invited out to see Lighthouse in Oshawa by the very charitable LightHouseSkip Prokop who has led the band since 1969 and is currently the subject of a biography I’m co-writing. As it turns out the current singer, Dan Clancy, has been an acquaintance of Sharon and I as well. He did double duty as a music teacher at Durham College and a judge at the school’s annual songwriting competition for which I volunteered as co-judge for half-a-dozen years as well. He’s also been on a number of recording sessions with artists that once graced my record label.

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