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Chef Tom – A Little on the Side: Not Just For Thanksgiving Anymore

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Editor’s Note – Submitted before American Thanksgiving, Chef’s column offers up some recipes that are perfect for the cold winter months ahead as well as the traditional holiday meal. Swerve these anytime the need arises for comforting additions to your dinner that also bring with them fine reminders of family gatherings and good times. Thank you.

My favorite Thanksgiving side dish has always been the stuffing. Especially the crispy bits. Savory, carb-y, fatty…you know, all the good stuff. One of my go-to flavor enhancers that I figured out way back in the mid-seventies when I was just starting out on my culinary career, is caramelized onions.

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Pat Blythe – Women of The “Traps” – Part Two

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Let’s just dig right in shall we. Female drummers, and I’ll add percussionists, span the globe.  From Israel to Iran, from China to Europe and back to North America. Although it’s the guys who seem to be in the forefront, drumming is not a just a “manly” profession (and neither is electric guitar but that’s for another discussion). Women have been drumming since…..well….. the very beginning.

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