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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – We’re Going North By North East

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CamA couple of weeks ago my son Kyle and I headed down to The Horseshoe to see our boys Gloryhound. We were standing out front when Kyle said “that’s Jon Snow from “Game Of Thrones”. I looked over casually and thought he could be the little bastard. It was soon confirmed that it indeed was actor Kit Harington and we moved over to the pool table to say hello (like the good couple of fan boys we are). While waiting for an appropriate moment to pass to introduce ourselves (and give him a copy of the Gloryhound CD) Kyle pointed out another pool player and said “Dad, I am pretty sure that is Lane Pryce from “Mad Men”).

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock’n’Roll – NXNE Part Two

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Thursday – Straight to the NFB for noon as we are screening a very cool French rock’n’roll movie “Polaroid Song” along with the documentary “Down: Indie Rock In The PRC”. Director Andrew Field, a professor of ancient Chinese studies, flew in from Shanghai to join us and after his incredibly interesting film had Toronto native Jon Campbell join him for a Q&A. Campbell is one of the foremost experts on rock’n’roll from the PRC and is the author of the book “Red Rock”. You can read Andrew’s blog at and find out information on Jon’s book at Andrew stays in Toronto for three more days and attends almost every movie that we screen and meets as many other directors and industry types that he can. Ambrose and I unofficially awarded Andrew the title of most active participant of this years festival.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock ’n’ Roll – H2

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Most people would make the very safe assumption that I am not a fan of hip-hop but there was a time in my career that it played a very big part in my life. When I worked at Quality Records back in the late seventies we were the distributors for Joe and Sylvia Robinson’s rap label Sugar Hill Records. Their first release in 1979 was the ground breaking “Rapper’s Delight” from The Sugarhill Gang. It was revolutionary.  Master Gee, Big Bank Hank and Wonder Mike took the bed track from Chic’s “Good Times” and in one take rapped back and forth for close to 15 minutes.

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Cameron Carpenter: The ABC’s Of Rock – G2

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I have confused myself with the damn alphabet as I seem to find a way every week to work whatever artist or song into a column in some weird fashion. Right now there is a lot on my plate as we hit the homestretch of the planning for NXNE and I don`t have time to deal with the damn alphabet or whether or not I have confessed my love for `Candy`s Going Bad` by Golden Earring. Plus my s key snapped off the computer and my keyboard keeps shifting and screwing up punctuation.

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