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Peter – Keeping Track

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This is the first of a multi part series about my high school track career. I hope that you find it both  informative and entertaining. Today I will give you a rundown on the mechanics of track and write about my first race and the aftermath.

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Hot and Cold Running Peter

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This week I am going to write about more of my athletic endeavours from the dim and distant past, from the last millennium, from when my tummy was flat and my hair was brown and curly, from when ….

I have described what a life changing experience it was for me to go to high school. While my parents had been, and continued to be, liberal, my separate school environment had been pretty restrictive. Now, however, surrounded by people who thought differently from me, I began to push to expand my horizons and grow my world. So I decided that I would try out for organized extramural sports. I looked at the football team, but decided that my 136 pounds of lean, sinewy adolescent would probably not survive too many tackles.

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