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Pat Blythe – The new four-letter F word…..and music…..

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PLEASE NOTE: This piece is “in opinion” only. If there are any facts to relay I will note the source. Whether you agree or disagree or agree to disagree, that’s up to you. I am not seeking rebuttals, a long list of factoids or caustic criticism. If you feel the urge to respond, think first.

I’m heading into my third day off FB. I had to “self isolate” from the ridiculous suppositions, guesswork, predictions, shoddy and irresponsible attention-seeking media coverage, accusations, the idiotic ramblings of the doofus south of the border and the crazy busybodies’ trying to act as judge and jury to those out and about. It’s all beginning to overwhelm the minutest display of humour and especially the music. Then there was the false report of a dog in Japan dying of the virus. But when social media lit up like the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center with the news a Bengal tiger in Boston Zoo had tested positive for corona virus I lost it! (I refuse to post it here)

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Brand New Year with Good Old Peter….

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Time once again for my weekly randomly arranged parade of letters, numbers and images. 2018 is “finis”, so let’s take a brief look at it and see what may be looming on the horizon as well.

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Pat Blythe – Tom Longboat and New Releases…Jeff Jones, Monowhales, OITC & Secret Broadcast…and Music!

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Yesterday was Tom Longboat’s 131st birthday. How do I know. Google Doodle. Longboat’s Iroquois name….Cogwagee…..part of the Onondaga which means Keepers of The Fire. Longboat was born in 1887 and raised on the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford. Enrolled (a legal obligation under the Indian Act) at the Mohawk Institutional Residential School at the age of 12 he eventually escaped to an uncle’s home who agreed to hide him from the authorities.  A long-distance runner, Longboat is considered by many to be the greatest marathoner of all time.

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