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Pat Blythe – MIrror, Mirror, Little Magic Sam, Jeans ‘N Classics …and Music!

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So……some asshole, who decided he needed one of my car parts more than I did, expertly stole my passenger side mirror. Parked on Queen St., directly in front of the Cameron House, against a snowbank. F********K!!!! Not a “smash and grab” but carefully popped out, heating wires neatly disconnected and presto, I’m out $80.

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Segarini: The DBAWIS Suggestion Box

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We all know free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it. And whether or not we have any knowledge, talent, experience, or insight in regard to any particular subject, there isn’t one of us that doesn’t have an opinion…which is a straight line gateway to that intrusive, rarely-asked-for bit of chatter known as The Suggestion.

Why do we make them? What drives us to open our yaps and share our innermost feelings regarding someone else’s life/work/project? Human Nature, Bub…the need to fix stuff whether it needs fixing or not.

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