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Pat Blythe – Airport hell, a grant gathering, CMW, Sam Taylor and a little Side Hustle

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Flying the friendly skies…..nope grounded…..

Where to start….where to start. Loads of stuff going on, musically and otherwise.  Let’s roll tape backwards. We’ll start with Air Canada’s GIANT, international debacle on Monday leaving  thousands of people not high, but dry, at Toronto Pearson International Airport (not to mention the thousands across the world). System down…..the entire system…..worldwide. Now, I don’t know all the details, precise timing and the tiny little intricacies but I do know this, I dropped my friends off at the airport, heading south for their pre-wedding honeymoon, and ten hours later I’m picking them up from the same airport, tired, explosively furious and drained.

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Pat Blythe – Women of The Traps Finale – Part Four and Music…

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But first……

Excitement, elation, anticipation (with a dash of skepticism) followed by heartbreak, letdown, expectations and hope dashed….all in the span of 24 hours. Sound dramatic? It was actually. (It’s that emotional 5-year-old inside me) Cause? For the first time in my career as a photographer a selection of my photographs were about to be published in a national newspaper…the Toronto Star! Skepticism? The photo credit. It began with vagaries followed by  a number of confirmations (not without some prodding at my end) letting me know everything was well in hand. Well… can guess the rest. I opened the paper and my name was nowhere to be found, but someone else’s was…..

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Pat Blythe – Women of The “Traps” – Part Three with The Captain, a Play and Some Music….

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It’s been a rather entertaining week. Out with friends and seeing friends. Toronto is slowly waking up to spring and the sunny, warmer days are helping. Not to say Mother Nature won’t send us into another ice age as the grand finale but we are indeed edging ever closer to spring….then summer…and all those glorious music festivals. Canadian Music Week (CMW) starts us off every year, this time May 7-13 followed by Lift Cannabis Expo May 25-27. Two excellent reasons to get out, enjoy the music and inhale that spring ayre……deeply.

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Pat Blythe – Women of The “Traps” – Part Two

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Let’s just dig right in shall we. Female drummers, and I’ll add percussionists, span the globe.  From Israel to Iran, from China to Europe and back to North America. Although it’s the guys who seem to be in the forefront, drumming is not a just a “manly” profession (and neither is electric guitar but that’s for another discussion). Women have been drumming since…..well….. the very beginning.

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Pat Blythe – Women of The “Traps”- Part One…and Music!

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“Developed primarily in the United States, early drum kits were known as traps kits (short for trappings) and usually consisted of a bass drum, a snare drum on a stand, a small cymbal and other small percussion instruments mounted on the bass drum or a small table, all played with drum sticks or brushes except for the bass drum.” — Wikipedia\

“A synonym for “drum kit” this term was used earlier, when drums and percussion were beginning to be assembled into a single “station,” playable by one drummer. The story goes that early kits contained a tray that held percussion “contraptions,” such as cowbells, whistles, and other items. “Contraptions” was shortened to “trap,” eventually becoming “trap kit”.”  –Sweetwater Sound

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Pat Blythe – Decisions, George Olliver, Book Review…..and Music!

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It’s time to make some hard decisions. There are far too many “projects” surrounding and overwhelming me, all requiring rather large investments of time and money. So…..I must focus on two or three and let the others drift a bit. I love what I do, being able to mix my passions of music, photography and writing and the people make it all worthwhile. But now it’s time to buckle down and actually put all the pieces together. Like many bands and musicians will attest to, “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills or buy the groceries. This weekly diatribe (or my writing in general) is not going anywhere and certainly neither is the photography. Along with the music it’s how I’ve met so many of you and how I connect what’s happening in the music community with those who read this column (and vice versa). But now is the time for some changes.

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Pat Blythe – #MeToo/#NotMeToo and Rockin’ the Night Away…

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Let me start by stating I am not a “political” person. I follow what’s going on the world to keep myself current but I don’t read nor do I decipher every minutiae that is written about “he who shall not be shamed” or anyone else for that matter. However, the latest in a very long string of accusations of sexual misconduct/harassment, particularly here in Ontario, well…..I’ve about had enough. I posted this in Facebook a few days ago and, generally, the respondents agree with me. What follows in a slightly edited version.
“For the first time in years, eons even, I sat down to read something other a computer screen (except for Tom Wilson’s book Beautiful Scars). This time it was the newspaper. The National Post actually. For some mysterious reason it keeps appearing on my front porch at least six out of seven days a week. But I digress…… Continue reading