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Pat Blythe – Summertime Blues and Jazzin’ Around….

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I’ve started a “reminder” page and called it “column ideas”. Not sure what the point was since I never follow it. There’s always something else that catches my eye….or ear. Lately I’ve had the attention span of a gnat. In fact…, never mind. It’s been a busy seven days, just not sure what the hell I’ve accomplished short of pissing off CRA and a couple of telemarketers, oh, and changing passwords on damn near everything….one of my lesser brilliant moves. Now I can’t remember how to log into anything. So, jotting down reminders (and new passwords) on scraps of paper. High security, that’s me!

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Pat Blythe – It’s April….

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…..and my lovely purple crocuses are out….sprouting in places I don’t remember planting them. I think the squirrels and anything else that’s been rooting around in my gardens have taken the liberty to relocate some of my bulbs. The birds have also been disposing rose hips seeds out their back ends and I have tiny, wild rose bushes sprouting up everywhere. Yes, I realize we had a bit of snow and freezing rain last week but I for one sense that Old Man Winter is done with us….at least until the end of the year. I’ve set up new (for me) outdoor furniture on the deck with the hope I’ll be enjoying my morning coffee out there very soon. Some of the detritus has now been cleared out from under my deck so this weekend it’s time to start the yard cleanup. Fingers crossed Mother Nature goes along with the idea. So far, sun and decent temps are scheduled.

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RoxanneTellier – Life’s Been Good To Me So Far …

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Life’s been pretty good, overall, since I shook the dust of Scarborough off my shoes, and returned to my old Danforth stomping grounds. It’s such a treat to just walk up the street to a good restaurant, or to pop into a local bar to hear friends playing. I no longer have to pack my purse with overnight supplies before heading out to do groceries, or to visit my chums in the downtown core.

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Segarini – Gotta Have Pop: Track by Track

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Before we get started…

I love my old bands. …and The Segarini Band remains special because it was the one (and only) that bore my name. The Segarini Band, after an aborted attempt failed to gel in Montreal after All the Young Dudes fell apart in 1976, finally came together for the A&M EP in Toronto a year later in 1977.

Thanks to Segarini Band guitar player Peter Kashur getting in touch with drummer Mark Bronson, Here’s more info on the how and why.

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Pat Blythe: A Letter to Katie….

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Where to begin. It’s 10:40pm on a Tuesday night. I’ve just lit 10 candles, some sage incense and the music is drifting throughout the house. Sounds like 1960 something…. all I need is the Mateus bottle and a spliff…. The days are running into each other, colliding like the two drunken racoons cavorting in my backyard. (they eat the fermented grapes that have fallen off the vine) and I start to lose all track of time just trying to keep track.

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Pat Blythe: Keeping the music alive…one “note” at a time

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It has indeed been a busy summer for everyone. 2016 has been a peculiar, curious and rather dramatic year. A year of extreme change, upheavals, death, excessive busyness, new connections, sheer stupidity, life transformations and adjustments — nothing has been minor. It’s all been “in our faces”, screaming and shouting at us, begging us to take notice, pleading with us to address whatever is coming at us.  I think many will be glad to see the back end of 2016 and look forward with hope to 2017. No, this is not a ‘year-end’ column, just a bit of reflection on the summer that seemingly whizzed by and all that happened in just that short timeframe.

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Segarini – A Facebook Thread Bereft of Trolls and Hate

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Good Old Bob

A conversation on Facebook can be a wonderful way to exchange ideas and share stories and experiences, or a field of quicksand littered with negative statements couched more in attention getting than contribution. While many of us wish to learn more about ourselves and the world around us, just as many are here on social media to argue, hate, spread rumours, be divisive, and generally either rain on your parade, or shit in your punch bowl. Like Wedding Crashers sent by a furious spurned lover to wreak havoc on a civil discussion by making it an argument. replacing discourse with shaming, bullying, schoolyard name calling, and mean-spirited opinions with no basis in fact.

Today, I share with you an actual FB thread that proves good conversation exists on social media sites, and that, frankly, you never know where they will go when the people having them take the thread in a different, but equally engaging direction. We start with the growing bigotry toward older people, and end up in the art department….

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