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Peter Explains He Is Right, Right, Bloody Well Right

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A number of adages have guided me through Life. For example, “Only a fool lets their ex give them a haircut.” One that has far more relevance to my column today however is “If the only reason you do a good deed is for recognition or reward, you are doing it for the wrong reason, my friend.” However,  I feel that the importance of my following message makes  bending that rule worthwhile.

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Peter Pays Tribute to His Majestic Indifference, Reginald the Aloof

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I want to wish a very happy birthday to my little buddy Reg the Cat, 12 years old today. Reg’s mother Jane was my cat at the time Reg was born, so the first time I saw him on the floor of my room, he was 10 hours old. He looked like a furry squeeze of grey toothpaste and could fit in the palm of my hand. His legs and tail were stumpy and he had a great big head. I had named Jane after Jane Stewart, the minister in charge of my department. Reg was named for Reg Alcock, the president of the Treasury Board, in a shameless and ultimately futile attempt to get a better raise for myself.

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Peter Takes to the Skies….

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Last Saturday, Lois and I went to the Canadian National Exhibition and took in the Canadian International Air Show. This airshow has always been special to me, as it was the first airshow that I went to on my own, my “toe in the waters of adulthood”, so to speak. I remember the thrill of looking out of my bus on the Gardiner and seeing a real Spitfire flying over the waterfront pre show. One year I was even lucky enough to see the airshow in the afternoon and Chicago (the band)  that evening! Heady stuff indeed for an 18 year old from Orillia.

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Peter Montreuil – Makin’ the Rounds, Checkin’ Out the Sounds

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I had decided to go and see “Jim Dan Dee” , who were playing last Saturday night at the Phoenix as part of the “Generation Next” concert series sponsored by radio station 94.9. To my delight, I found that “Crown Lands” would also be on the bill. ( Jim from “Jim Dan Dee” put me on the guest list and Kevin from “Crown Lands” offered to do so as well.) Now, “Return For Refund” would be playing at the Horseshoe, and Drew, ( their front man), invited me to be on that guest list as well. I declined the offer at first, as I was going to the Phoenix. Meanwhile, I learned that “Fat Mob” would be playing at Cherry Cola’s. Hmm, I thought, “Even I can’t be in three places at once!” However, when I found out that “Return For Refund” was playing at 8:30 P.M.,”Jim Dan Dee” would be hitting the stage at 11:00 P.M. and “Fat Mob” would be on at 1:00 A.M., it now looked possible to see all 3 shows. (As an aside, I was not the only person to do that Saturday night.) Shades of George Thorogood’s “50 states in 50 days” tour 😉!

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Peter Montreuil – Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

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Editor’s Note: Peter is a good friend to all of us at DBAWIS. He has graciously consented to join us here and be a contributing writer as often as he can. Please welcome Peter to Don’t Believe a Word I say….

It was an honour to be asked to contribute a weekly column to “Don’t Believe A Word I Say”, and I hope to match the standards set by the rest of the writing team. Here’s a little about me, as well as things that I will, or won’t, write about.

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Pat Blythe – Mixed Nuts…..

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Laying low for the past several days and finally, the cold has been beaten down. Not too much cavorting around the club circuit this past week. However, there are a few things I’ve had twigging around in the back of my cranium…..

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Pat Blythe – Jordan John and More Celebrations….

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We’re opening with a song….ya I know, but can you think of a better one?

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