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Peter Survives Indie Week

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Well, I got my media credentials, or you wouldn’t be reading this. After some initial confusion at the launch party, I was saved by my colleague Roxanne, who made me her “plus one”, as my RSVP had not been received. I got an “all access” wristband and a VIP lanyard, because I was their first media “plus one” that evening 😉.

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The House at Pete Corner….

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Today’s column is about an unsung hero of my childhood. Charles and Helen Montreuil had moved their steadily growing brood to Orillia. I was an infant when the move was made, hence I had about as much say in the final decision as I remember having in every decision made in my two marriages. My feeling is that it was to allow Mum to live in the same town as her widowed mother and her only sibling, Aunt Pat. You will hear more about these great women in future columns, but for now, please note that Aunt Pat had a Pekingese named “Boony” (As he never gave me his autograph, spelling is approximate.)

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Peter Prepares for Indie Week

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Mainstream music is omnipresent. From your laptop to your ringtone, your doctor’s office to your local athletic barn, it surrounds you. Even a casual glance at billboards or bus’s will show you that mainstream music looms large in modern society.

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Peter and the Story of Lois – Part 2

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It seemed like it took a week to do so, but the email finally loaded 😉.

Subject : Tova Feldschuh

Message: I miss you. Could we meet for coffee?

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Peter and the Cherry Cola Rock N Rolla Cabaret and Lounge

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I have described it as “the one place on earth where I’m happy to pay retail price for beer”! It has been a portal to a complete change in my life, introducing me to good times, great music and even greater people. It’s a venue that fosters a strong sense of community among this area’s indie musicians. I am talking about Cherry Cola’s Rock N Rolla Cabaret and Lounge.

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Mr. Montreuil and the Tiny Devils….

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I love children. They tell it like it is. Unlike adults, they rarely give their imagination “the bunt sign”, preferring that it swing for the fences when they seek “The Truth” or just want to express their opinion. Today’s column will relive some of the more amusing incidents which I’ve witnessed in this regard….

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Peter Flies Left in a Pretty Plane

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They have been around since the beginning of time. I’m pretty sure that a caveman once said “Grok, brontosaurus mauve, not purple!” You may have one or two of them in your circle of friends, but not in your immediate circle, unless they are a generous recent lottery winner or work at a brewery. You used to hear them everywhere, but thanks to the Internet, you now see them everywhere too! As you may have guessed, they are people who will argue over anything, or to give them their scientific name, KEYBOARD WARRIORS !!!!!! Let’s examine 3 cases of which I have personal knowledge.

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