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Peter – Rude Boys, and Guns

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-While I wanted to write about music this week, I regret that I need to write about this particular incident, but I think that it’s important that I do so.

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Peter’s Mum Remembered

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This week I am going to write about my Mum. One problem with writing about my Mum is that I have limited concrete evidence about her early life, for a number of reasons. Growing up in the 60’s, there were things that just weren’t discussed in front of the children. Also, for at least 2 1/2 years in the early 60’s, we had 10 people living in a 3 bedroom house, including an infant and a toddler. Opportunities for meaningful discussion were thus limited. When that situation had eased, I had become a typical self absorbed teenager, and shortly thereafter went on to try to carve out my own Life.

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Peter, A Pirate, and The Ramones

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I am going to conjure up some more work memories this week. Bear with me.

I remember the date well, January 5th, 1976. I was standing in line at a Canada Manpower Centre with a completed registration form in hand. A staff member came up to me, checked it over, noticed that I had Grade 13 and asked if I’d be interested in employment with the Federal Public Service. I famously replied  “Sure, I’ll do anything!”

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Peter VS Presto

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It’s been an interesting week for me, as I have been having problems with my “Presto Card”. For years I have purchased a monthly transit pass. I appreciated the economy and convenience and the utility which my monthly pass offered. I proudly carried it in my left back pocket for ease of access. However, as transit in the Greater Toronto Area began to change in scope, the”powers that be” announced the advent of the “Presto Card” program, and they began phasing out tickets, tokens, transfers and passes, inter alia.

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Peter – More Tales from the Office

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I want to thank everyone who responded to last week’s column. Mary was very dear to me, and it was so nice seeing your responses. Many familiar names, (even if the pictures appear different from my memories 😉 .) Naturally, I later found a picture of her and Brian and l, posted it and again, so nice to see your reactions.

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Peter Has Band Advice, Festival News, and a Remarkable Young Film-Maker

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Summer is finally here….almost. Summer in Canada means barbeques, backyards, balconies, beaches, bathing suits, baseball, beer and badminton. (Enough with the alliteration, already. Get on with it. Ed.)

Summer in Canada also means that the days are growing longer. Gone are the dreary months of only seeing that pale yellow orb in the sky on weekends and sick days. Life moves outdoors as much as possible as we frequent patios, campgrounds and parks, squeezing every possible second of fun that we can out of this fleeting season, for we know that the leaves that shade us in July will need to be raked up and disposed of properly in October. (Mother Nature always bats last.)

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Peter Speaks for Old Straight White Men – Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

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Recent events have meant that the column which I was going to write today will appear next week.  In it, I will praise the arrival of summer, talk about some upcoming music and events and introduce you to a budding Young filmmaker.

Today’s column is being written from the perspective of an old, white, straight man, which is the only perspective that I can speak from with any authority.

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