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Frank Gutch Jr.: Tom Kell & The Skyboys, Michael Fennelly, Stu Nunnery, “Goin’ Down”, and Just Plain Nuts– erm– Notes…..

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FrankJr2I have learned my lesson.  Numerous times over the past few years, I have been caught at my desk, coffee at hand, spewing said coffee in copious amounts thanks to the writings of my colleagues here at DBAWIS, sometimes through the mouth and sometimes through the nose.  It is altogether possible that I have unknowingly spewed through various other orifices of my body as well, but by the time I get through laughing, everything is dry and, therefore, in the distant past, as it were.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Music For a Rainy Day, Free Research Turtles Download Reminder, and Notes…..

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I sit in a small enclosed room and await the first rain in a few months, feeling sorrow for those who live in drought-infested areas and have to wait for the life-giving water which falls from the sky.  It is a wondrous thing, rain.  I cannot imagine living without it, having grown up in the Pacific Northwest where rain and indeed weather is such a factor in life.  In the past more than the present, of course, because the State of Oregon depended upon farming and logging for so many decades and God knows that farmers and loggers constantly looked and look to the sky, hoping that the gods are friendly.

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Frank Gutch Jr: Dog Bites Band (Band Bites Back!) Reprise

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Those who read my column from a month or so ago remember Pokey, my little canine pal who now runs through the cornfields.  Well, he and I had this agreement.  I would support the band (Maggi, Pierce & EJ) and he wouldn’t bite.  That worked out pretty well until MPE (as they are wont to call themselves) stepped to the side to allow bassist EJ Simpson to follow his music and Maggi Jane and Pierce Ternay top follow theirs (as Hymn For Her).  Giving up the trio pretty much out my knickers in a knot because they were and are one of my all-time favorite bands, having a range quite beyond the norm.

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