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Pat Blythe – Women of The Traps Finale – Part Four and Music…

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But first……

Excitement, elation, anticipation (with a dash of skepticism) followed by heartbreak, letdown, expectations and hope dashed….all in the span of 24 hours. Sound dramatic? It was actually. (It’s that emotional 5-year-old inside me) Cause? For the first time in my career as a photographer a selection of my photographs were about to be published in a national newspaper…the Toronto Star! Skepticism? The photo credit. It began with vagaries followed by  a number of confirmations (not without some prodding at my end) letting me know everything was well in hand. Well… can guess the rest. I opened the paper and my name was nowhere to be found, but someone else’s was…..

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Nadia Elkharadly: NXNE 2013 Wrap up

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Nadia LogoI know it’s been more than a week since it ended, but I’ve still got North by North East on the brain.  Maybe it’s because I still can’t fall asleep before the crack of dawn (which is murder on my dayjob functionality).  Maybe it’s because I can’t shake my hangover shakes.  Maybe it’s because I still don’t have my full voice back – but you should hear my Demi Moore impression, it’s killer!  Actually, you will be able to hear it on the Bobcast very soon, but anyway.  Whatever it is, I’m sad that NXNE is over and that I had to get back to reality.  Reality SUCKS.  So, permit me to reminisce just a little bit.

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Nadia Elkharadly: The Feminine Mystique

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Feminism can be a rather abstract concept.  There’s a huge spectrum, from the convenient feminist, who embraces the notion when it suits her, to the militant angry feminist who spells woman “womyn” and eschews the masculine in everything except, apparently her appearance.  But something that everyone should be able to agree on is that feminism, at its core, is about equality for women.  A woman can and should be able to do everything that a man can do.

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