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Pat Blythe – Thoughts, James Blonde, Sam Taylor, Nefe & A Choir

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It’s a rainy Sunday and I’m supposed be working on piled up paperwork but another attack in England, this time on THE London Bridge has once again diverted my attention. The third one in as many months, I’m wondering exactly what these daft, obtuse thugs (I won’t give them the benefit of calling them terrorists) think they’re accomplishing?

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JAIMIE VERNON – The Top125 Most Influential Top100 albums – Part 2

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vernon_1997For those that missed my blog last week entitled “ The Top125 Most Influential Top100 albums – Part 1” containing the most influential artists/albums for me in my 35 years as a musician you can find it here. This week  I wrap up the list with the remainder of the alphabet. Enjoy…or get annoyed. Your mileage may vary.

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I know it’s out of fashion and a trifle uncool but the 1980s are back. Not only was I not notified in advance, but no one asked my permission; After all, I am the Ambassador of Alphabet Town…the White Wedding Crasher…the Duke of Stratosphear. Its return was subtle and subversive but it was inevitable.

There was a window of about five years at the end of the 1990s/early 2000s where the 1970s returned in full force – Classic Rock became the clarion call of adults whose kids were old enough to wipe their own asses/noses and allowed disenfranchised parents of 1980s children to finally leave the nest, hit a night club and get their Frampton on.

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Jaimie Vernon: Compact DISCovery – May 12

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I’ve recently received a surprising number of CDs that stall out at five or six songs. It brings to mind a conversation I had several years ago with International Pop Overthrow Festival founder David Bash who, as a music connoisseur, doesn’t like EPs. I was never able to follow the reasoning – only that he will dismiss an artist’s release because it’s an unsatisfying teaser and a waste of his time. Ironically, less music means he’s SAVING time…but it got me thinking about how many acts may have been dismissed by the industry, media and fans for the same reason. Is it a perception that the artist isn’t committed enough or prolific enough to pull off a full album? Do they think the artist is lazy? Is it a perception of value for purchase price? After all, it costs the same amount of money to manufacture a CD with 10 songs as it does for six. The answer to these questions depend on the intent of the release in the first place.

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