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Roxanne Tellier – Everything is Everywhere

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Since I have a fear of flying, and a flight to B.C. tomorrow morning, I’ve been in a constant state of panic for the last week or so. When I finally fall into a restless sleep, I have non-stop nightmares of arriving at the wrong terminal, without a ticket or some vital bit of identification, and wearing all the wrong clothes, if I’m wearing clothes at all. Even when there’s no reason to panic – and I can always find a reason to panic – I’m in a simmering pre-panic mode.  My house looks like an exploded suitcase. Everything is everywhere.

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Roxanne Tellier – Can’t Touch This!

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RoxanneOne of mankind’s greatest truths is one of the first things we’re told about ourselves in all of our Holy Books … if you tell us we can’t have something … we want it. We want it so badly that we’ll tear our whole world apart to get it.

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Segarini: The Long Run

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There was a time when being older was something that was respected, even revered. The logic of that is easy to understand. The longer you live, the more you experience. With experience comes knowledge and if you’re lucky, wisdom. The more information you seek and absorb, the better your chances of being able to make better decisions, and the more cognizant of the past, the better equipped you are to understand the future. So how is it we live in a culture that worships youth, continues to make the same boneheaded mistakes we made in the past, and remains mired in superficiality, gossip, mediocrity, and ennui?  The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Photo by Michael Dent

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