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Jaimie Vernon_Viletones

Goodbye American Idol. Your reign of mediocrity shall not be mourned. You were what’s wrong with the music business. I say good day. It was about creating brands – all attached, umbilically, to the Idol brand. We now have a generation of karaoke singers who believe all that it takes to make it is get up on stage and emote. You know that ongoing echo chamber of complaints from music lovers who say “How come new music sucks?” It started right here with Simon Cowell’s vacuous talent extrusion procedural.

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Vernon_Penny_Lane[Jaimie is currently exhausted and unable to form a cogent original thought…so here’s a rerun of a fan favourite blog from 2011]

I used to run a lucrative record label full-time. I now run it occasionally when I find artists who have the desire and drive to help themselves and who only lean on me to sort out mindless applications for grants, pointers on increasing their social media exposure or answering manufacturing Coffee hookerqueries. I charge a fee to do this because my 30 years of experience deserves more than a ‘let’s go out for lunch so I can pick your brain’ remuneration. It’s like asking a prostitute to give you a happy ending in exchange for a coffee. And, yes, I do equate being in the music business with prostitution.

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