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Roxanne Tellier – Come The Revolution

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A friend of mine is looking forward to retirement, after being with the same company for nearly 40 years. She’s been there through the formative years, and the technological shifts that overtook them in the past three decades.

Since she’s in Human Resources, she’s privy to information that was never committed to either paper or computer files. This year, her work colleagues are basically downloading all of the insider information that only she can divulge, siphoning off her knowledge and memories of the people and actions that created the agency she’s helped to build and maintain.

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Roxanne Tellier – If Aging is Inevitable …

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It really is unfortunate that Trump decided to pause his retirement to be a part time president.  He’s happier golfing, or lying in bed eating cheeseburgers, and I think we all would be delighted to see him go back to those pastimes full time.

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Roxanne Tellier: But What if You Live?

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For boomers, aging is a bit like puberty; we don’t know what’s next, and we’re both eagerly anticipative and terrified of what’s to come. Often simultaneously.

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Segarini – The Iceage, Guitars, Players, Too Much To Do, and a Friend Retires

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47. Bob 2015

This has been one of the busiest weeks I can recall. Way too much time spent on long distance calls in order to facilitate some long standing issues that could be very beneficial, working on The Book, organizing the apartment, and suffering the insane heat and humidity, (something I do not do well), while I try and get as much done as I can.

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