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250_23750261354_2817_nNot since Marlon Brando and his moo moo ate their way through Hollywood on the back of non-returnable advances for movies he did everything possible to avoid making has there been so many entertainment types hell bent on changing career paths by killing off their meal tickets.

Thursday it came to light that Canadian rapper Drake was being a social mediot by bad mouthing Rolling Stone magazine for bumping his cover story in favour of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. News flash, Degrassi Boy: Hoffman has more cache dead than you will ever have alive. A simple “I’m disappointed in the turn of events, but understand Rolling Stone’s editorial decision. DrakeRespect PSH” would have sufficed. Instead, he show-boated. And like fellow rap asshat Kanye West, Drake will attempt to deflect now that people have taken to hating him more than they do already. He’ll mea culpa and return to his life shilling for the Toronto Raptors basketball team.

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Guest Columnist Jim Slotek: Avengers Assembled!

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Geoff Pevere is on assignment for CBC Radio and will be posting again next Friday. This week, after a fine appearance here last week, Jim Slotek gives us the inside info about why we want what we want….

It is a given this weekend that everyone wants to see The Avengers. It is, as they say, “trending” like a Geiger counter outside the Fukushima nuclear plant.

But it is more relevant to ask WHY everyone wants to see it.

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