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Roxanne Tellier – Don’t Get Around Much Any More

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Ach and oy vey! This house move is cramping my style, big time. Haven’t been able to get out to a lot of events, because time’s a ticking, and there’s only so many hours in a day. I’d like to say I’ve become more selective in my outing choices. But the truth is, moving and packing is a bitch. There just isn’t any time to gallivant around.

But let me tell you about two recent events I did manage to squeeze in. Both were wonders in their own ways.

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Pat Blythe – Give Me One More Time….

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Yesterday (Monday) was a “Chris Day”. A day when his death hits me like a ton of bricks. All the memories come rushing back and the gut-wrenching anguish just takes over and I can barely breathe. The emotion rolls over me like a tidal wave, literally bringing me to my knees. It’s unexpected and absolute. I’m ironing one minute and on the floor the next. I had been listening to a new song by Julian Taylor called “One Time”. The lyric running inside my head….”give me one (more) time to feel your light”….and that was the proverbial piece of straw.

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Pat Blythe – I’m Oh So Loving the Music

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Again, the best laid plans… previous ideas have now taken a 90 (may be a full 180) degree turn, all based on a single song I heard a couple of days ago.

Roxanne Tellier (Veronica to my Betty) posted this song, “Home to Me”, a couple of days ago. It is such a wonderful, heartfelt piece. I fell in love with it instantly. Meaningful and tragically real, these kids have taken their misfortunes and turned them around in such a positive way, creating something so  deeply beautiful. I dare you not to move.

Wait for it………

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