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Peter – My Dad Was Quite the Lad

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I can’t believe that it’s been 30 years since my Dad passed. Let me share some of my personal randomly shuffled memories, as well as a few anecdotes that I learned second hand, at a temporal distance from when they occurred. I now bitterly regret not asking him more questions, not finding out more about the man who was my father, so the following is, in some cases, ” as far as I know.”.

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Peter Marches with the Students

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I’m writing this column from the perspective of an old, straight, white male. I am very comfortable being an old, straight, white male, but I am enough of a humanist to know that our world will only function properly if we have an all inclusive society, where everyone is accepted for who they are, and not what someone arbitrarily thinks that they should be.

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Peter Flies the Plastic Fantastic

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My dad got me interested in plastic modelling, building Airfix Series 1 bagged ships. I remember watching him at the kitchen table, building “The Golden Hind” or “The Great Western”. He was working on a model of “The Revenge” (What? Sir Francis Drake had another ship?) when his second son, your humble scribe, decided to work on it while Dad was away at work. I managed to make the maindeck melt and sag, through over liberal application of glue. I’m sure he was disappointed, but I did live to tell the tale.

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Peter’s Tips for New Bands AND Why You Should Be There for Opening Acts

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This week, I’m going to look at ways that we, whether musician or fan, can promote indie music. These suggestions are based on my personal observations at shows, through my interpretation of other’s comments in various media and through my own thoughts about this topic. Although I will address the Greater TorontoArea as I am most familiar with it, most of these ideas should be applicable anywhere.

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Peter Goes to the Games

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The Games of the 23rd Winter Olympiad have concluded. Canada set a record for most medals won, coming in 3rd, ahead of such nations as the United States. Some of you reading this will remember when Canada’s participation in the Olympics, whether Winter or Summer, would result in a mere handful of medals.

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Peter Gets Crooked and then Sets You Straight

Posted in Opinion, Review with tags , , , , , on February 15, 2018 by segarini

Last Thursday, while the editor was valiantly attempting to “loose the Gordian Knot” of my purple prose, absolve me of my syntax and find pictures that were not only relevant to my column, but also tried to make me look brighter than I actually am, I was “trodding the boards”. My friends from “The Crooked” were filming a video and requested volunteers to be extras. Now, there is acting in my background. I remember my father telling me about being in a play in university. To his delight, there was a movie made of that very play, and he eagerly purchased a ticket, eager to see which Hollywood Heavyweight would try to fill his thespian shoes. Alas, his part was written out of the film. I myself once played Joseph Haydn in a grade 3 class play. I remember the pained look on my father’s face when I asked if I could borrow one of his prized violins as a prop. (In the event, I used a stringless plastic ukele and employed a ruler as my bow.) I also have had a lot of experience acting interested and engaged during meetings at work.

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Peter Gets (and gives) Good Advice about Making Decisions….

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I had crossed my own personal Rubicon in early November 2012. We had accepted an offer to sell our house, with a closing date of mid December. I went to sleep that evening feeling giddy. The long nightmare of my toxic marriage was coming to an end. I could finally breathe again.

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