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Segarini – Q: Are we not Men? A: We are Demo, D-E-M-O …PLUS – Another Format Free Music Mix

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In the housing industry, DEMO is shorthand for DEMOLISH, the procedure used by renovators and construction workers to tear down that which is to be replaced in order to upgrade a property and increase its value

In the recording industry, DEMO is shorthand for DEMONSTRATION, the procedure used by artists, labels, producers, and songwriters to preview a song or musical project in order to choose what to record or continue to tweak before committing the time and money to realize a finished product or artistic statement.

There are other definitions of DEMO aside from these two, but when it comes to music, the definitions can oft-times be interchangeable …in, and out, of order.

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Segarini – Bob Yodels Up the Canyon Part One

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Portions of the following have been previously published in DBAWIS

Prior to 1967, I had been spending as much time as I could in L.A. (Hollywood County, to be specific), first with The Us, playing Cinnamon Cinders clubs in SoCal, and places like The London Fog on Sunset, then in search of the almighty record deal for my next band, The Family Tree …acquiring 2 (Mira, then RCA) while spending the better part of 1965 and ’66 sleeping on friends couches and floors, and even had a room at Suzie Hocum’s place for a time, down the hall from her other house guest, Gram Parsons. Great times then, with the music scene exploding on Sunset, and Laurel Canyon becoming the Centre of the Universe.

It was all in the service of my band at the time, The Family Tree, who had been the house band at the Whisky …but that was all about to change ….

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Segarini: Rerun – The Fat City Chronicles 2 – Short Stories about Long Ago

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22. Bob on a bar stool

Time for another rerun about my hometown. Was reminded of the story of Cold Red yesterday, and took it as a sign to find and post this nostalgic look back. Things have not been great for me lately…for a lot of us, really. Tough times come and go like the weather, but being able to look back on a life well lived, and the people and places that made you who you are and brought so much joy into your life will always be there to remember. I hope you have memories that mean as much to you as these do to me.

I am one lucky son of a bitch….

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Roxanne Tellier – On The Occasion of Robert Segarini’s Birthday

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Started writing these reminiscing’s on Friday morning, as the world awoke to the dawning of our Fearless Leaders 70th year on the planet. Trying to finish writing them while still nursing the remnants of a hangover, 48 hours after the Birthday Boy’s bash.

For Friends of Bob (aka … FOB’s)

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Segarini: The BobChart Vol. 2 Episode 3 – The Anti-Valentine’sDayChart

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Bob and You pencil sketch

“For some, Love is in the air, and hopefully, so are her legs.” – Bartlett  Salazar

For the rest of you, the BobChart is here to make you feel better. Maybe single life is not all that bad. Maybe you are better off having dinner for one at the Lonely Table. Maybe these songs will bring a smile to your lips.

The BobChart reaches out to All the Lonely People…the ones who dread this Hallmark Holiday because the only love in their lives is either a dog or a cat or a half gallon of Häagen-Dazs Atomic Chocolate Ice Cream…not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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Segarini: The Obscure Bob – Blasts from the Past

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Thug BobI will assume many of you noticed a lack of new content here for the last 8 days. The reason was a frustratingly large amount of viruses, malware, and Dweeb driven shitbots that made posting anything dangerous until it was all found, quarantined, and/or deleted. I apologize for the lull, and have this to say about it….


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Segarini: The Home Tour Part One

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Bob SegariniWell, I know it’s been awhile and I apologize for that, but the Holidays are a tough time for me. That 2 week stretch at the end of the year always makes me look over my shoulder at what took place in the previous 12 months, and what, if anything, I had accomplished. The stress comes when I try and determine whether or not I had made my life a little better…or worse. This year, with the exception of the wonderful experience of working with the absolutely stellar group who contribute to this blog, and their dedication, hard work, and well-crafted columns, I seemed to have treaded water, not going forward or backward, even though there were big changes in my life. I got depressed. I don’t like being depressed….


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Segarini: A Story for a Sunday Afternoon – How Charlie Manson Harshed Our Mellow

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On July 25th, 1969, Music teacher Gary Hinman is murdered in his Topanga Canyon home. On August 8th, 1969 Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger, Sharon Tate and Sharon Tate’s unborn child are murdered in her home on Cielo Drive. On August 9th, 1969 Leno and Rosemary LaBianca are murdered in their Los Feliz home. 

All the murders are brutal, and horrific.

It is the official end of the innocence…

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Segarini: The Fat City Chronicles 2 – Short Stories about Long Ago

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I am in awe of how much there is to do in Toronto if you are looking for a reason to get out of the house or forget the work-a-day woes we all carry around with us like humps on the backs of our spirits. If you are honest with yourself you know that the whole ‘adulthood’ period we’re all supposed to embrace is a pack of lies and purposely inflicted on us by people who got older and don’t want us to keep having a good time when we’re able because they were taught the good times have to stop when you get married, or have kids, or get a mortgage or become burdened by responsibility and obligation.


That’s exactly when you should give in to your inner child and let your hair down once in a while, even if you don’t have much hair left.

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Segarini: The Art Of Touring 8 – No wonder there are so many cabs in NYC…

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Part 7 can be found here

Artist sketch: A New York Car Thief …or Nacho Libre.

Less than 8 hours in New York, and we’re down a truck, a car, a pantload of expensive gear, and I seem to be missing my Official  Forceps Roach Clip.

Now I’m mad.

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