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Frank Gutch Jr: In Anticipation of Moon Palace; The Space Opera Trilogy; and Notes and Nothing But the Notes…..

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The stars have finally aligned, sports fans!  You can delete my queries about Carrie Biell because I have found her after a ten year search.  I should say that my buddy at KEXP radio, Tom Smith, found her.  Well, maybe a friend of Tom’s.  Or a friend of Tom’s friend.  Ach!  It doesn’t matter.  The important thing that she is found.  The other important thing is that she is writing again and has already jumped back into the deep end of the musical pool.

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Good Things Also Come in Threes (The Jackson “Gooseball” Fielder Trilogy, Th’ Legendary Shake Shakers Tentshow Trilogy, and Three Gems from Space Opera)… Plus Notes

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Frank Gutch young

Or fours or fives or sixes, depending on what they are, but for the purpose of this column I limit it to threes.  After all, there are three strikes in baseball, three downs in Canadian football (which is a much better and more exciting game than American football as far as I am concerned), and three goals to a hat trick.  Tony Orlando and Dawn knocked three times, the third time’s the charm, and there were three blind mice.

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