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Chef Tom – Tagliata

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It’s summer. You have a heat wave. You want something hearty and filling, but fresh and seasonal. And you want a LOT of flavor. Ok, so you’re a normal, healthy person. Grab you favorite wine (this will be good with a big red, a fruity Zin, or a lovely crisp and complex Rose), some crusty bread, and someone you love to share your meal with, and have at it.

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Chef Tom – DIY Niçoise Salad, and On That Note

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This seems just right for the Summer weather, don’t you agree? An easy, delicious, salad, and some wonderful music to go with it.


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Chef Tom – Miso Hungry

Posted in Food, Recipe, Review with tags , , , on July 6, 2019 by segarini

Summertime means salads. When you’ve spent the day sweating and sticky, it’s time for a crispy Rosé with a refreshing chill, and a bowl full of nutrient-dense peak-season veggies and fruits.

In fact, the best time to eat something is when it’s in season. That’s when it contains the most nutrients and it’s nutrients that actually give food its flavor. So it’s a double whammy – not only is the food as nutritious as possible, but it tastes amazing!

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Chef Tom – Sheet Pan Dinners are a Godsend

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Love me some sheet pan dinners. Love the ease of using one big pan, one oven setting, and blending diverse flavors and textures into one big harmonious meal. DH and I can eat off of a single sheet pan dinner for most of the week. I know, it’s a lot of repeat, but neither of us minds, and after a busy day, not having to think and fret and shop and plan and all that, well, it’s just so nice to pour a glass of wine and warm up something that’s been sitting for a few hours getting richer and tastier and more complex.

Can you feel me?

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Chef Tom – Hi Gang. Happy to be back. Did you miss me?

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Been kinda busy, including flying from San Francisco up to Ashland Oregon to cater this amazing event last weekend.

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Chef Tom – Escarole with Italian Sausage and Mongolian Heavy Metal

Posted in music, Recipe with tags , , , , , , , , on April 13, 2019 by segarini

Escarole is a lovely green from the endive family, slightly bitter with hearty leaves that can stand up to cooking. Although it’s available year round, it can be hard to find in regular grocery stores. Peak season is the spring and summer months. It’s especially popular with Italians, who love their bitter vegetables (think rapinni, or radicchio) because they so deliciously offset rich and fatty meats.

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Chef Tom – Olé! Molé!

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Don’t be intimidated. These three recipes are dead-simple and REALLY delicious. If you have a hankering for Mexican flavors, and a few people coming over for supper, this is the ticket. Serve with some good (preferably hand-made) tortillas, a tossed green, and a pitcher of cold Margaritas (or some Tecate, or Modelo, or Dos Equis).

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