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Pat Blythe – Women of The “Traps”- Part One…and Music!

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“Developed primarily in the United States, early drum kits were known as traps kits (short for trappings) and usually consisted of a bass drum, a snare drum on a stand, a small cymbal and other small percussion instruments mounted on the bass drum or a small table, all played with drum sticks or brushes except for the bass drum.” — Wikipedia\

“A synonym for “drum kit” this term was used earlier, when drums and percussion were beginning to be assembled into a single “station,” playable by one drummer. The story goes that early kits contained a tray that held percussion “contraptions,” such as cowbells, whistles, and other items. “Contraptions” was shortened to “trap,” eventually becoming “trap kit”.”  –Sweetwater Sound

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Nadia Elkharadly: Bands I wish I could see live

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Nadia LogoI definitely go to more concerts than the average person.  Some are small scale, like 25 people in a tiny bar.  Others are huge, like selling out huge sports arena huge.  Sometimes it starts to wear a little thin, the constant going out to different venues night after night, seeing band after band.  Don’t get me wrong, I still, and will always, love live music.  But as I mentioned in my last column, the excitement waxes and wanes when it comes to all the shows I go to.  But sometimes a special show comes along that really rekindles my passion for live music.  One of those such shows happened just the other day.

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