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Peter Picks the Local Music YOU Need to Hear

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In a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine,┬áRobert Plant was very frank about a number of things, including the possibility of writing his memoirs (nope) and the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour (not happening). When it was asked, he used the latter question to segue into something which I believe very strongly. “It shows you that people have nothing else to write about, obviously. And that’s kind of sad. All these magazines and internet platforms should be supporting new music and helping new musicians to find an audience, instead of dwelling on the old crap all the time. It’s like there is nothing new and exciting out there any more, when in fact there is. So stop living in the past. Open your ears and your eyes. It’s not that difficult, is it?” (The full interview can be read here.)

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Pat Blythe – Bowie, Beatles and Blowing Noses…..

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Today’s column is going to be….how you say….short and sweet. I am a little under the weather and so will ride this out in jammies, drinking hot toddy’s, tea and, if at all possible, catching a few zzzzzzz’s. Many of you frequently comment on my apparently abundant energy while also warning me about burning the proverbial candle at both ends. Energy I have in spades. I just go with it. Life is way too precious to be sitting in the background. It’s here to take pleasure in, however you get it.

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