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The traumatized trio stood in stunned silence as they stared down at the carpet’s recently diseased nougaty center.

“Is it a dead genie?” David asked, bringing an end to the horrified hush.

“No, it’s a dead Little Theater director with a finely hand-crafted golf club stuffed up his ass,” Alison Jessica Fletcher-ed.

“He’s lucky he didn’t play tennis,” Leslie bright-sided.

“Are we going to spend the rest of our lives in jail?”

“Not if we dispose of the corpus delicti before anyone’s the wiser,” Alison reassured him.

“You mean, like, dump him in the ocean?”

“Not a chance. No matter how far out to sea you go, bodies released to the tide tend to wash back up on shore.”

Leslie nodded in agreement. “They did the last two times, anyway.”


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